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Betterwild offers a premium line of wellness products tailored to enhance your dog's natural vitality. In collaboration with Dr. Oakley from the Animal Channel, a renowned authority in the field, we've meticulously crafted products that meet the highest standards of quality and efficacy. Dr. Oakley's endorsement speaks volumes about the integrity of our offerings—products she trusts for her own beloved pet.

Our product lineup includes three meticulously formulated items designed to optimize your dog's well-being. From the moment of launch, we've dedicated ourselves not only to creating exceptional products but also to spreading awareness through various marketing channels. Our website serves as a hub of valuable information, where you can explore our range, learn about our mission, and even contribute to a worthy cause through donations.

Join us in supporting your dog's journey to a healthier, happier life with Betterwild.


Drawing from the awe-inspiring landscapes of Alaska, our packaging mirrors the vibrant colors of its skies and the majestic wilderness. Within these visually striking containers, you'll find our carefully crafted range: two irresistible treat options and one powerful powder formula, all geared towards enhancing your dog's well-being. Committed to environmental sustainability, we've opted for recyclable cardboard packaging that decomposes over time, ensuring our products leave no footprint on the earth.


In developing our website, our goal was to seamlessly blend the natural essence of the outdoors with the digital experience. Utilizing high-quality photography captured in Alaska and incorporating natural textures, we aimed to evoke the captivating environment and its authenticity. Visitors to our site can explore our product range, make purchases, and learn how they can contribute to meaningful causes through donations. It's a comprehensive platform designed to immerse users in the beauty of nature while empowering them to make a positive impact.

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