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CBD Moxie is an online medicinal CBD (cannabidiol) brand for people in the U.S. The branding is meant to reflect the contemporary usage of this product; a new medical look for new medical merchandise. The varying levels of potency are referred to as phases or levels (“What’s your level of Moxie?”). Each phase is shown in large lettering on the packaging, mixed with a pattern developed from elements of the logo.

During brand development, I was notified that there was uncertainty about what products would remain on shelves, and what would not. For this reason, the package design needed to be inexpensive and flexible. I chose to use mylar bags where possible to account for quantity and cost.


Logo Development, Typography, Color Palette


Concentrate & Vape Packaging

CBD Moxie's plan was to produce products in three different levels of CBD for customers to figure out what level works for them. It was important when launching into market that the manufacture was able to change CBD dosages if they felt one product wasn't working as well. This is why when viewing the products you do not see any information on the front about dosages. This was printed on a batch sticker that would go on the back of each product.


Designed and built through Shopify

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