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Branding, Packaging, Video, Clothing, Social

When starting on DabLogic, a Solventless Hash company operated by Verde Natural, they had sparse branding elements, but no direction/consistency. I dove into the company's ethos, vision and beliefs to rebrand this company & put back in the right direction. The brand branched off of sacred religious beliefs and how hashish had been used throughout history. The large collection of symbols from all different religions and areas made the brand look chaotic.

The process of creating solventless hash has a vast history and many different religious influences. DabLogic has taken these old world methods and incorportated modern technology to bring you the products you see below. Instead of trying to combine all of the different cultural elements into one brand, I thought it was best to create our own "religious" world of hash. 


Logo Development, Typography, Color Palette


Concentrate & Vape Packaging


Using sustainable materials, the DabLogic Hash box pops off the shelf with a custom Navy glitter paper. Inside you'll find a pop of a vibrant pattern & a message about their sustainability efforts. Each package also comes with a few surprises inside! You'll get a mini dab mat, made of leftover materials from previous larger mats, and a custom collectible sticker.

To help cultivate conversation, I came up with a card concept called "Asking for a Friend." This a random fun question to help start conversation between you and your smoking buddies.

Furthermore, I developed an Augmented Reality animation to be played on the box, so when you point your phone at it, it comes to life.

Please see below project for more details. All materials for this project were sourced & priced by myself. 

DabLogic vape boxes come in a recycled paper box & are placed in a child proof tube made of recycled ocean plastic. Inside, you're greeted with a message about our sustainability efforts & company beliefs. When creating this product I met with vape companies to source the highest quality vape technology on the market. They used surgical grade stainless steel & created a custom voltage battery perfect for Solventless Hash.


To bring the launch of the DabLogic hash box to the next level, I developed an entire AR experience meant to showcase the clean, pure production process of the high quality product. I did this by directing, animating & developing a video that would play when a phone pointed towards the QR code on the box. With this technology, we were able to keep the fun going, and continue to drop in special easter eggs for the viewers to continue to enjoy.


These were run on the TVs in dispensary waiting rooms, intended to boost sales


These events were planned and organized by myself & @RobTheArtMuseum. The videos were created by a third party.


I developed swag to represent the brand's persona for a luxury and quality hash. This was developed by researching popular clothing trends. Throughout the gallery you will see blind embroidered hoodies & digitally printed shirts that match the custom collectible stickers you would find inside the hash boxes.