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In the conception of KAMA’s branding, I wanted to create a high-end, modern, aesthetic while drawing elements from the Hindu culture.

In logo development, I wanted to create something strong & clear, but not void of concept. The intersecting lines within the logotype not only branch from the convergence of cultures in the design, but hold deeper meaning. Vertical lines are symbolic of strength, while horizontal lines are seen as peaceful. The intersection embodies so much of the Hindu culture, the origin of the name KAMA. The brand is styled as bold yet minimal, and above all, luxurious.


Logo Development, Typography, Color Palette


Edibles & Concentrate Packaging


Kama edibles come in two different forms: gumdrops in the flavors of popular cocktails, & taffies in the flavors of high-end desserts. I wanted to create cohesive packaging the brought both of these kinds of candies together as a brand, while still calling to the originality of each flavor. As a final touch, I used soft touch stock & UV coating on the boxes, in keeping with the rich feel of the brand overall.

The packaging was created in accordance with cannabis laws of the state of Colorado.


In the development of the packaging for the concentrates, I felt the design should portray the high-end quality of the product. The wrap of the box mimics a billboard, with the ability to showcase our logo and our brand as boldly as possible. The overall design is in keeping with the KAMA brand by using a clean, simple background, with strong, rich colors, continuing the use of the Hindu-inspired pattern within the inside of the box. I used a metallic copper material, to further portray luxuriance & keep in tone with the eastern aesthetic seen throughout the brand.

The packaging was created in accordance with cannabis laws of the state of Colorado.


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To accompany the marketing of the KAMA wholesale brand, I created an informational booklet, diving deeper into an explanation of the products. Throughout the book, I implemented key elements of KAMA’s branding & high-end photography.


The booklet was created in accordance with cannabis laws of the state of Colorado.