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L’Evate You is a dynamic wellness brand co-founded by Steve Harvey and Veyl Ventures, dedicated to inspiring people to embrace healthier lifestyles. As a key contributor to the L’Evate You team, I played a pivotal role in expanding the brand's presence across various products, focusing on packaging design, web development, and print materials. Our products made a splash in the online market and rapidly expanded to retail giants such as Amazon, Walmart, and Costco, reaching a broader audience. Collaborating with industry experts like Robin Winters, Creative Director, and Eric Yung, Photographer, was a highlight of my journey with L’Evate You, enriching the creative process and driving success.


In crafting our packaging, our aim was to convey a clean and educational aesthetic, ensuring our products would catch the eye on store shelves. Central to our design approach was highlighting the logo while incorporating distinct colors for each product line, fostering easy recognition. Our journey began with our flagship product, Vitality Daily Greens, and soon expanded to include a range of edibles and energy powders. Committed to sustainability, we utilized all-natural materials in the production of these products, aligning with our dedication to both quality and environmental responsibility.


To further educate our audience, we launched a magazine in February aimed at helping individuals achieve their summer body goals. We curated a comprehensive 28-day nutritional guide in collaboration with dietitians, empowering readers to embrace clean eating in a delightful manner. The magazine garnered remarkable success, prompting us to extend its publication into subsequent months. Explore a selection of slides from this transformative magazine experience


In the development of L’Evate You’s website, our primary focus was facilitating seamless product purchases. Through extensive competitor analysis and collaboration with industry experts, our team identified optimal design strategies to enhance conversion rates. Our website not only enables swift product transactions but also serves as a hub for product information and fitness education, empowering users to make informed decisions while expanding their knowledge.

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