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In crafting our packaging, our aim was to convey a clean and educational aesthetic, ensuring our products would catch the eye on store shelves. Central to our design approach was highlighting the logo while incorporating distinct colors for each product line, fostering easy recognition. Our journey began with our flagship product, Vitality Daily Greens, and soon expanded to include a range of edibles and energy powders. Committed to sustainability, we utilized all-natural materials in the production of these products, aligning with our dedication to both quality and environmental responsibility. Collaborating with industry experts like Robin Winters, Creative Director, and Eric Yung, Photographer, was a highlight of my journey with L’Evate You, enriching the creative process and driving success.


Drawing from the awe-inspiring landscapes of Alaska, our packaging mirrors the vibrant colors of its skies and the majestic wilderness. Within these visually striking containers, you'll find our carefully crafted range: two irresistible treat options and one powerful powder formula, all geared towards enhancing your dog's well-being. Committed to environmental sustainability, we've opted for recyclable cardboard packaging that decomposes over time, ensuring our products leave no footprint on the earth.


During my time working with GoldLeaf Print and Packaging I managed an incredible group of designers as their Creative Director. During my time I would meet with clients to help guide their cannabis company in a conceptually strong way in the forms of branding, marketing & packaging design. I worked closely with the Graphic Designers to create impactful packaging you can see throughout the United States. Credit to the below designers on working with me on some of the above projects. Brittany Pitts, Zac Uselton & Ryan Stepp.